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If you own an autographed photo of Kim Carlyle dated between 1965 and 1967, chances are it was signed by her personal secretary, Margaret Hammond.



Letters, I get letters.  If you have any HONEY-related anecdotes, memories, memorabilia or trivia, just drop me a line here.

Dear Gene,

Where can I get tapes of the original series? I've checked on the web and I can't find them anywhere.


I'm sorry to say, the tapes are unavailable because the entire run of episode negatives were lost in the late sixties. But who knows? Maybe something will turn up in some film vault. We can only hope. Until then, Honey will live on in the hearts of her fans!

Dear Gene,

Love your site! I thought I was the only Honey fan! Thanks for helping me out. You just won me $20. Every time I bring the show up, my friends think I made it up or something because nobody's ever heard of it. I got to where I thought maybe I'd dreamed it or was crazy. Thanks. I won a bet. Keep up the good work, dude!


No problem. We're adding new pics and things as they trickle in. Check back. Gene. PS - You should cut me in for $10. ;-)

Dear Gene,

I heard on A&E that Hurrell had possession of the original episodes. Is this true?


I've heard that rumor too. But according to his son, Steven, the negatives were not with Hurrell or his family. However, the estate is still in probate and who knows? But at this point, given their cult status, I believe if they were going to turn up, they would've by now.

Dear Gene,

I didn't know anything about this til I stumbled across your site by accident. My mom knew Cliff di Marco in high-school and she even showed me a pic of him from the yearbook (signed). Is it worth anything to collectors?


Sorry, but no. Di Marco memorabilia is fairly worthless. But if you could scan that photo for me, I'd love to post it!

Dear Gene,

Where can I get the theme music? Is it available on MP3?


I'm getting tons of requests for the original theme. Hopefully, I will be able to offer it as soon as I can get a friend to digitize it (my poor 486 clunker just can't handle it). As soon as I've got it, I'll post it. Promise! In the meantime, we have the lyrics up.  Check them out!

Dear Gene,

Born out of wedlock, I am the illegitimate son of Guy Warner. I have kept this secret until now due to my Mother's wishes. She had me promise not to divulge the truth until her death, which was last month. 

She first met my father when she was working in the wardrobe department at Desilu Studios when "Honey Vicarro" was being produced on Stage 7. My Mother, Joan Helen McCullen, fell deeply in love with him at first sight. They began seeing each other almost immediately and kept the affair quiet so as not to jeopardize his marriage to his wife, Francis. 

I would see Mr. Warner occasionally. At the time I didn't know he was my father. He was always very pleasant and supportive in all my endeavors. He had me call him, "Buddy," because he always said he didn't want to be just another "guy" to me. He'd always say funny stuff like like that. 

My Mother finally told me the truth when I was in my twenties, just two months before his tragic death on the set of "Fantasy Island." (Ricardo Montalban thought he was faking his heart attack, so he didn't allow the first assistant director to call for help--He's on my bastard people list). If there is any other information or inside stories you'd like to hear about my Father, Guy, please do not hesitate to contact me. All my very best, 

Jeff McCullen

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's death. Thank you for generously sharing this interesting historical footnote!

Dear Gene,

My name is Tom Hickey and I've stumbled across something that may interest your visitors. 

My late father, Ralph Hickey, was a sound editor.  I was clearing out the last of his things from my mother's garage when I came across some footage of Kim Carlyle and Cliff di Marco he'd kept in a box from his days at Fox.  In a couple of shots, you can make out the slate, and it indicates "Honey Vicarro - Hair and M/U Test" dated August 7, 1965.

The footage, sadly, is in terrible shape and is MOS.  Is it worth anything?


OMFG, Tom, you have found the mother lode! The only other clips that remain from HONEY VICARRO are two small excerpts from Hurrell's bio-doc at the Paley Center. That means you're in possession of 2/5 of the extant HONEY-related footage, my friend.  Yes, it's valuable, and yes, I'm sure my visitors would be interested!

Dear Gene,

This is going to be a longish letter. But, I was so excited to see that you are from Thousand Oaks. That is where I went to high school (class of "65). What year were you?

I'm glad you did this site about the show. I always loved Kim and was devastated when she passed on. They never gave her show a chance. Some higher-ups are always ready to pull the plug too soon! What do they think the fans are? Chopped liver! We're the ones who really should have the say so!

 Anyway to get back to the subject---I have a few stories or "star sightings" to mention. In my Junior or Senior year of HS I danced in the talent show. Also performing was Connie West, Eve Arden's daughter. She played the guitar and sang--pretty good too. She invited us out to their place at Lake Sherwood one weekend. We were in the lake or on the dock most of the time, but I did see Guy Warner while I was there. He was drinking coffee with Connie's Mother, Eve. Someone said he was an old friend from the studio where Eve filmed "The Mother-in-Law". Anyway I think this was before "Honey Vicarro".

I saw another actor from that show at a Hamburger Hamlet in the valley. I think he played the bartender...Trevor something. The waitress said he was in that band The Dover Souls, but I never liked them. I was a Beatles girl all the way. I even thought the Stones were kind of creepy.

I also got an autograph from Deborah Walley and her husband John Ashley at that Hamburger Hamlet. Oh yeah, she played Eve Arden's daughter on "The Mother-in-Law".

I saved the best for last--one of my friends saw Kim Carlyle at the Farmers Market in L.A. buying tiger lilies. She said Kim was so petite and perfect. She was even beautiful without stage make-up. I always wished I had her hair like it was styled in "Honey Vicarro". I set my hair on soup cans and could never get it to pouf like that.

Anyway thanks for the memories--this has been a fun reunion.

Your friend,

Claire Bunting

Claire, those are some precious memories! Thank you so much for sharing. And, yes, Kim was very much the "natural beauty."

It's so sad to think that the genteel, glamorous world you describe, of celebrities relaxing at a lake or buying flowers at Farmers Market, has been replaced by the vulgar displays we're bombarded with care of classless oafs like Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan!  And, sorry, but I'm afraid we missed each other in high school--I was Class of '71.

Dear Gene,

You've really upset me.

I was so excited to see the letter from someone claiming to be "The Guy's" illegitimate son. Then I looked at the dates. Guy Warner died in 1983. Honey Vicarro was filmed in 1966. According to Jeff McCullen, or whatever his REAL name is, his mother met Guy during the filming of Honey Vicarro, and he was in his 20's when (Warner) died. HUH???

Do the arithmetic! He would have been in his teens. Plus, he even got the name of Guy's wife wrong, not to mention that HE WASN'T EVEN MARRIED in 1966!!! He married his first wife in 1946, and his second in 1978, and NEITHER of them was named Francis. His first wife was Ellie, and the second was Alison. Sheesh!

Sincerely (not very),

Jessica Lopez
Co-Webmaster, THE "GUY" Guy Warner website

Ms. Lopez, Although I'm sure you consider yourself an authority on Guy Warner, there are many aspects of the biographical information that you've posted and seem to consider Holy Writ that are hotly disputed and controversial within the Guy Warner fan community. 

For instance, the correct spelling of his second wife's name (Allison vs. Alison vs. Alisson). 

You may very well be right: Mr. McCullen could be be mistaken regarding his true paternity, but to imply that he is deliberately attempting to perpetrate a hoax?  That he is so dishonest that he's actually lying about his name???

As it says in the Bible (which is Holy Writ!) "Let he (or she) who is without sin throw the first stone." 

Sheesh yourself!  And take a chill pill, girlfriend!  You are tense!

Dear Mr. Otto,

I wish to apologize for Jessica's outburst in a previous e-mail. I'm sure it was just a simple mistake in the memory of a young man, shocked to learn who his true father was.

Please understand that Jessica is very emotional when it comes to Guy Warner.

Sincerely (very),

Co-Webmaster, THE "GUY" Guy Warner website

It's okay, Jean. 

I've found over the years that Guy Warner fans are a delightfully unruly, passionate and sometimes combative bunch.  Guy himself was notoriously protective of his privacy, and I believe he deliberately (and, perhaps, mischievously) provided biographical disinformation to various journalists and publicists. 

I myself have seen four different birthdates for him--on legal documents, no less!  Even his actual given-name is debated.  Though most agree it was, as your site says, Edwin Joel Finkelstein, it's also been listed as Charles Hammond, Carlton George McDonough, Edwin Frank, Edward Frank, Edwin Davis Franklin and Miles Patrick, to just name a few.

It's enough to drive any fan crazy!

Gene, I wonder if you could speak to the reality that Gavin Hurrell PURPOSELY created a show he KNEW would be cancelled.....in order to send a coded message to the sleeping masses of AmeriKKKa, to WAKE UP...... to the religious zealots and fascist Military Industrial Complex, who were in collusion..... and taking over our country?

I think Hurrell should be recognized for the hero he was...... He sacrificed his show AND HIS career...... to prod the dirty minded god botherers and war mongers out of their safe places....... and force them to show THEIR TRUE faces to all the somnambulant sheeple. I have proof of this, should you require it......


Richard Johnson

Okay, Richard. I put your letter up on the page. Happy? Now be a good boy and take your meds!

Hi Gene,

This is amazing!!! You have brought back to life one of the most entertaining and "lost" shows of my childhood. The treasure of what was Honey Vicarro is back thanks to your web-site. Thumbs up Gene for having the brilliance of bringing back such an all time favorite show. This is greeeeeeeeeeeeaaaat!!!!!!


Stephen Duncan

Thanks, Stephen. And keep checking back!  We're always adding new stuff (like the new images on the "STILLS" page)

Mr. Otto,

How disappointing that you have decided to treat my letter in such a shabby manner...... I pose a simple question...... in order to give credit where credit is due to a great American hero, Gavin Hurrell........ and you respond by insinuating that I am mentally ill and require immediate medication. I see....

My dearest friend and source on this matter has only had YEARS of being forced to do government wet work for the very powers that Gavin Hurrell tried to expose...... whereas YOU have merely brushed up against the leg of fame, in the form of a child visiting his mommy on the set...... for a DAY......

But I GUESS YOU are the expert, the BIG NAME FAN, while I am only broken and "ill," and should be disregarded. I would call your attitude a JOKE if it wasn't SO SAD.....

Way to MISUSE your "power"......

- Richard Johnson

You're right. It wasn't nice of me to joke about mental illness. But I assumed you had gotten the message when I didn't post your first 17 letters, each more insulting than the last. So, against the advice of friends, I published the first one (above), in which you clearly state your case, hoping it might satisfy you and you would stop writing.

No such luck.

Richard, I get it. You have a theory. You have facts. Terrific. Start your own site. But this is not your forum. It's mine.

And if I receive another letter or package (although there was no return address, I suppose it's safe to assume the dead rat was from you, judging from the liberal abuse of ellipses in the accompanying "friendly note"), I will take down your letter, and thereby deprive you of one of the rare beach-heads you've established outside of the few BBS's who haven't banned you.